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Changing your lifestyle to live off-grid has become easier and easier these days, with the choice of comfortability depending on making it as practical as you’d like, or as luxurious as you can afford.

A good amount of research, understanding, and knowledge on all areas, materials, and maintenance needed to keep yourself going for a while, is just the start of planning such a project, to its ultimate perfection.

Budgets, costs, savings, time frames, and the necessary conditions to proceed effectively, are also to be taken into consideration.

If anything, I think we all like to dream of a little…

Travel. Tallness. Travel Tips.

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I’m 5 foot, 11 inches, quite tall, yes, and it’s only when you go to countries where the average heights are between 5-foot and 5-foot, 5 inches that you actually really start to notice why you are stared at — as if you’ve just crawled out of a giant cave.

So here are five highs and five lows that I’ve experienced being tall during my many travel experiences worldwide and you may too:

The Highs

1. Get to places faster on foot

Especially if you’re late for a bus leaving for on its solo journey for the day — your legs shouldn’t let you down. Sometimes I’ve even managed…

Photo by Cody McLain on Unsplash

I just cannot wait
till School’s Out

I’ll jump and shout:
Let's Twist Again!

I refuse to have another
Cruel Summer or let
anything Steal my Sunshine,
this Summertime.

It’s especially hard when
Love is like a Heat Wave,
filling me up with those
Summertime Blues.

I want Summer Love
like I got every year
since the Summer of 69
over at Surf City.

So I’ll avoid going to
Rockaway Beach
and tag along to
smokin’ Kokomo instead.

Because I know, we’re
all ready to Soak up the Sun
of our Paradise City and
enjoy Endless Summer Nights.


A Poetic Response

Photo by Sherise VD on Unsplash

Loot or shoot —
Which one are you?
Hey, what’s in your boot?
Eish, what can we do?

Us vs them,
equally desperate
to be equally treated
not stolen from,
feeling defeated.

‘My babies can’t eat…’
‘…the army’s coming soon!’
‘It’ll bring peace and calm…’
‘…in need of milk or bread.’
‘So, who can’t sleep?!’

Carnage and chaos,
destruction and damage.
A mother throws child,
just another, painfully
captured image.

Can we please peacefully
protest — against the unrest?
Can every corrupt politician
now see or feel our struggle?
What a mess, a true test!

Everything twisted
against the rule
Loot responsibly…’

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

Reading about making money through writing and publishing pieces can often leave one feeling stuck and not sure what to actually write about. It can create disheartened tension as to why we tried to start writing in the first place and put us in a precarious position — also known as writer's block.

Being a certified Holistic Therapist but thanks to Covid and motherhood, it’s been on the back burner for a little while. Part of my profession is getting to the root of problems in order to bring about positive outlooks.

I ask a lot of questions and direct…

Fiction Prompt

Rainy summer
days at the coast
in the house
burnt toast.

Trickling tears
just as slow
as the water
dripping down,
outside pane.

The sand mandala
turns messy.
Blown to bits
by a gust of wind,
unwelcomed in.

Reminds me of
the leftover wine
spilled on the rug
knocked over,
broken glass.

Nobody’s fault,
nothing but
lustful energy
dancing and laughing,
the night away.

Then suddenly,
awoke to you
being gone.
For what reason?
No note!

Five weeks since
you walked out,
I cleaned the rug
I threw away
the broken glass.

I still
have beach hair
am barely dressed


Photo by Kyle Petzer on Unsplash

I can’t recall how many times I’ve introduced myself and then after someone hearing my accent — asking me where I am from. Upon replying I come from South Africa, very often the immediate response statement (not a question!) has been:

“Oh, so you’re racist!”

This has often vilified me and I never knew what to say besides ‘Err, no!’ and then ignore said person for their bad remark.

Considering media education about a country is so easily accessible these days, it’s time that saying stops — right here, right now!

Just because apartheid is the only South African history…

Short Fiction

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

***Trigger warning for ableism and suicide***

I had to break the window to get in. I knew he was in there since the front door was locked. Never were the church doors locked, not in any of our years living close by!

The stained window collage cracked and then crumbled into a colorful mess on the old wooden floor of the side chamber, near the entrance. Shards of thick, reflective glass stood pointing straight across my thighs as I stretched my legs the widest they’ve ever been, to fit through the limited window space.

I came away with torn jeans…

Image courtesy of

I know Unsplash, sort of personally, you can say we’re friends. I’m cool with that!

Well, it’s just that I signed up when it first came about — before my baby came about because well, I had a social life back then and photography was a big part of it.

I planned on showcasing my worldwide travels and a few selfie pics before selfie was even a word, and before putting yourself in dangerous selfie positions was a thing, my gosh… oh yes, I’m old school!

And with being here writing my heart out, often needing a great fitting image…

Stacey B

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