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Postpartum Poetry: How Hormones and Disrupted Sleep Create a Medley of Magical Mental Mutterings. Creative Storyteller: And the Plenty Life Lessons Learnt.

An Appreciation Tribute

A literary celebration of all characters furry, friendly and funny

Photo by Catherine Hammond on Unsplash

If I could be, the great Dr. Seuss
just for a day — I’d surely let loose
and throw the Best Book Party, ever,
by inviting all creatures —
cute, cool, and clever.

I’d imagine it to go a little something like this:

The Smartest Giant in Town
arriving in big brown, shiny shoes
and a long, striped nightgown —
thus making Peppa Pig giggle and grunt,
as she sees him pulling — such a silly stunt.

Then there’d be naughty Peter Rabbit
who shows his favourite bad habit,
by losing his brass button jacket —
after A Squash and a…

let’s talk metaphor

5 beginner surfing tips to help you find your endless summer

Photo by Daniel Torobekov from Pexels

Here for the writing or the surfing? Either way, I’d like to give you some tips from a surfer’s point of view… Why?

Because surfing is a fabulous sport — one that requires some serious dedication, knowledge, energy, excitement, commitment, and most importantly practice, practice, and more practice — just like writing!

Think of the following tips in the context of writing, almost as if you’re a super young Kelly Slater, waiting for his lucky break because he definitely also started at the bottom, so it’s easy to see how awesomely his determination, knowledge, and courage have rewarded him successfully…

Why turning a blind eye really gets us nowhere

Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash

Something scary happened too close to home last Friday night. Not as scary as for one of the people involved but scary enough for me to instinctively know — somebody was in trouble.

I heard a fight between a man and woman and it went from general arguing to full-blown shouting. Fast forward twenty minutes and suddenly there were banging sounds after real aggression in the male’s voice, followed by fearful shouting and crying from the female.

While I don’t want to go into full details of the whole night’s events, I find it necessary to share just how important…

Tripling my earnings, learning, and smiles along the way

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This is not another How To Triple Your Income in Three Months article — but rather a Keep Going if You’ve Just Started Up since, in terms of followers, income, or published pieces, you’ll see I’m on the very very smaller side of earning huge $$$ amounts — but it’s on the up and I’m climbing steadily!

I’ve found my way after 3 months of navigating this humungous ship of randomly ravenous words and I want to do a little piece on my performance, to share the fun cruise so far. …

Join The Club: it’s free! Therapy not included. (Part Two: 6–10)

Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash

As mentioned previously in Part One, having a baby will change your life — pretty dramatically, forever. But never fear, hints and tips are always near!

There’ll be more advice than you can handle, everybody will have an opinion on how to handle the baby, even those who can barely handle themselves seem to have a handle on, babies!

Anyway, so here are the rest of the wonderful bonuses you get to look forward to once your precious bundle of foreverness is born:

6. You get really good at cleaning and general multitasking

Consider gaining some serious superpowers — your reflexes will seem like they are on speed, your ability…

Submission Prompt

Turning tragedy into a powerful purpose instead

Image ©Stacey B

This week I had to write a Victims Impact Statement. It’s the second one I’ve written in the last 4 years, about the same horrifyingly traumatic experience. An experience I would never wish upon my worst enemy, not that I have any or, at least, so I thought almost 5 years ago…

Amongst trying to live a ‘normal life’ again — (well, as normal as it can get in the light of the current Covid crisis) things were extremely challenging for me, not too long ago.

Seeing this writing prompt about writing what it is that inspired me to even…

Nobody will ever question your excuses again (Part One: 1–5)

Photo by Linoleum Magazine on Unsplash

We all know conceiving a child these days involves some serious thought:

“Can we make it vegan from the start?”

“I hope colleges will still have ‘back doors’.”

“Let’s call it NASA?!”

and so on, but I’m here to put your mind at ease by offering you 10 fabulous and fun reasons to have a baby this year, or soon enough.

Having a cute and cuddly, squealing and smelly, hungry mini-you by your side — at all times — for quite a few years too — er, can be, quite, er, beneficial!

So, here are the Top 10 reasons why…

Quick and easy ways that give back — to your body, mind, and environment

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Last week marked April 12th — the day that all non-essential shops were allowed to reopen (again) in the UK.

I tried to think of something to go do with my toddler to celebrate our newly ‘allocated freedom’ from the tight governmental grips post-Covid-19, just as I’m sure many others did, but the truth is, I just couldn’t be bothered to rush out too soon, so I’m letting the dust settle a little first. Oh but wait! Talking of dust…

In thinking of those who still need to stay in, stay safe, work from home and possibly, watch their spending…

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